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Danie (me) and Big A
Welcome to The Crunchy Pagan Mom Blog - a blog dedicated to Pagan Parenting, Pagan Homeschooling, Herbalism, and Natural Living.

My name is Danie. I am mommy to Aaron (a.k.a. Big A), Autumn (a.k.a. Little a) and wife to Eric (a.k.a. Viking Man).  We live in a small town in Arkansas where everyone knows each other, no matter how badly you wish you didn't know some of them.

I am an Eclectic Pagan, in which I blend the Greek Pantheon, Jewitchery, Native American Spirituality, and Wicca to form my own beautifully eclectic tradition that I am passing on to my children. My husband is also Pagan and is fully on-board with raising our children in a Pagan household.

My children are being raised to be open minded. They can choose to follow and believe in what they want to, but they are aware of what Mum and Da believe. They are not pressured to practice what my husband and I do, but they are aware that we are Pagans.

This blog will also cover my family's homeschooling journey. We are currently following a Waldorf/Unschooling approach. I have been working on developing my own curriculum that is Pagan focused with inspiration from Waldorf, Montessori, and Unschooling principles.

If you would like to learn how I became The Crunchy Pagan Mom, check out this link.

A Little Bit About Me...

I grew up on a farm and was very active in things like 4-H, sports, and homeschool groups.

I was homeschooled K-12, attended college for 2 years, and homeschool my little munchkins. 
I grew up in a very strict (abusive) Christian home. For years I was an Atheist, until I realized that my future children needed a Mama who had a better understanding of what she believed in. 

I'm a candle addict... especially for herbal beeswax candles *swoons*. 
Here's a pic of my brother and I living life on the farm. Aren't we adorable!?

I call my husband Viking Man because he's of Scandinavian ancestry (with a healthy dose of Native American ancestry). And because he's really obsessed with Vikings for some reason.

I was drawn to the Greek Pantheon because of Persephone. She intrigued me because, after the birth of my son, I felt that I was constantly teetering the line of maiden and mother. I was very young when I had Big A, so I still felt much like a maiden still.

I plan for all of my children's names to begin with an A so I can have my own little A Team (cheesy, I know). 

I'm studying to become a Master Herbalist. 

I would like to have around 5 kiddos. Of course, I have to convince my husband of this first. Or maybe he wont notice 3 extra munchkins running around... but I doubt it. 

I started blogging as a way to keep my sanity when my husband was in the Navy and worked crazy hours. Now I do it because I enjoy it and it's nice to bring in a little extra income. 

My favorite things to do when I have spare time (HAH!) are: browse Pinterest, window (or screen) shop cloth diapers and baby wraps, and look up organizational ideas that I will probably never implement.

Natural parenting... Big A likes to go a bit "free"


If you would like to contact me, I can be found on my Facebook pageTwitter, or you can email me here.



Newcomb Family Photos

Big A's first snow.

Warning! We're a tad bit nerdy.

Life ain't complete without chubby baby feet!

Little a's got one heck of a smile... when you can get her to smile. She's kind of a grumpy butt. 

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