Friday, April 11, 2014

Discovering Magical Traditions from Unlikely Sources

There tends to be a great deal of debate amongst Pagans in regards to hereditary witchcraft. Some believe that you had to have a family member who was a practicing Pagan who passed on their tradition to you. Some believe we are just born with natural magical abilities. While others believe that witchcraft is not hereditary and only comes through learning from an elder.

I have my own opinions on hereditary witchcraft. I personally agree that hereditary witchcraft does exist, but I also believe that you don’t have to come from a line of practicing witches to be a hereditary witch.
Both my mother and great grandmother have passed on magical traditions to me without even realizing it. Neither were Pagans, but they both have been strongly attuned with mother Gaia.

My great grandmother, whom we called Granny, was an amazing cook. You could give her a cucumber, a tomato, and some vinegar, and she could make a 4 course meal, complete with dessert, that could feed 10 people till they were full. The way she cooked was like magic. She knew how to blend ingredients together and she never even used a measuring cup.

One thing I learned from Granny that has always stuck with me has been to do things with intention. She believed that your emotions went into everything you made. So if you were in a bad mood while cooking, that attitude would pass on to the people who ate the meal you prepped. I still rely on that kind of concept today when I'm doing work as a kitchen witch.

My mother has always had a strong love for gardening, especially herbs. When I was a child, I would help her plant her herbs, tend to them, harvest them, and cook with them. I learned the process the plant goes through from dirt to plate. Her passion for herbalism was so profound for me, even at an early age, that it filled me with a desire to pursue a career as an herbalist.

Both of these women practiced magic without even knowing it. They were both intune with the energies of the Earth Mother and used those energies to help, to heal, and to nourish the ones they loved.

As Pagans, we can learn magical principles from people of all walks of life. They don't have to be Pagans themselves, but they just have to have a passion. As Pagans, we need to begin seeing the magic in everyone. Many people practice magic without even realize that’s what they’re doing. Observe these people and learn from them. Even if they’re not Pagans, we can still learn a great deal about spirituality and magic from them.

What are some magical traditions that have been passed down to you from Wise Women (or men) in your family? 

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Finding Time for Spell Work and Rituals

Do you have a hard time finding time for spell work and rituals? I know I sure do. In this video, I discuss a few ways in which I can usually manage to find time for my witchy side.

Blessed be!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm Now on Youtube!

Howdy y'all!

It's true, I am now on Youtube so that I can ramble about Witchy topics and delights.

In this particular video, I cover a bit more on my series about raising Waldorf Pagan children. I hope to get back to writing on that series soon, but for now, this video covers a bit on how I raise my kids up in a Waldorf Pagan method.

Hope you all enjoy and blessed be!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Discovering the Goddess Within Ourselves

Viking Man used to have me play this game in which I would pick my favorite body part on myself and explain why it was my favorite. He used to have me do this whenever I became really depressed (which happened a lot before I had kids). It may sound like a strange game, but unless you have suffered from low self-esteem, you have no idea how empowering this game really was.

Through this game, I was forced to look at myself in a good way. I had to observe my body and instead of my usual nit picking, I had to actually look and find something that I really did like about myself.

Slowly, this helped me build up my confidence and feelings of self-worth.

I haven't had to play this game for quite a while, until this week. This week the kids and I all came down with pink eye. My eyes swelled up so big that my mother lovingly referred to me as Egor; you know, the guy from Young Frankenstein? It was bad. To be honest, I haven't felt this ugly in a very long time.

During all of this, I remembered the little game Viking Man and I used to play. I decided to play it again to give me a little encouragement. This is what I came up with:

Today I love my lips. They're fairly far away from my eyes, so that's a plus. They're also fun, pretty, and always a decent enough shade that I never really have to worry about wearing lipstick or gloss. They're natural and fit my personality. With them I can express my love for my husband, give my kids a loving smile, and also express how I feel. They're playful, they're unique, and they are a part of me. 

I still felt kind of gross, but playing the game really helped me to focus on a good quality I have instead of my current bad quality.

Discovering the things that make us beautiful, whether they be external or internal, are some of the many steps we have to take to discover the goddess within ourselves. Some of us have to search long and hard for her. Sometimes she is hiding because of years of abuse and neglect, but she is in there.

From my own experiences in trying to find the goddess within me, I have noticed that this is probably going to be a lifelong endeavor for me. But that's okay. Just knowing that I actually do love myself is half the battle.

To be honest, I'm not doing this entirely for myself. I'm also doing this for my daughter, my husband, and my son.

My daughter needs to know that women are strong, and fierce, and powerful. She needs to know how empowering it is to be a woman. She needs to know that she is a goddess, just like her mother. She needs that example in her life, and I intend on being that example for her.

My husband needs a lover who loves herself. If I don't love myself, I'm never going to be able to fully love him. My husband needs a lover who is confident, fierce, and knows that she is his queen. My husband needs to know that I am strong like the goddess, but also soft and loving like the goddess.

My son needs to know that women are strong, fierce, and powerful. He needs to know that they are not to be controlled, but to be loved and supported. He needs to know that a woman deserves respect and to be treated like the goddess that she is. My son needs to know that women are soft and loving, but also incredibly powerful.

I'm still working on discovering my inner goddess, but I know now that she exists. When I feed and care for my inner goddess, she empowers me, strengthens me, encourages me, and loves me. I am working on caring for her, and she at the same time is working on caring for me.

This is me finally beginning to heal from pink eye. I'm starting to feel like my lovely self again, but for now, I'm just going to admire my lips.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Bitterness, Anger, and Release

I'm sorry that I haven't written much here recently. There have been a lot of things going on in my life that have been keeping me very busy. But aside from work and raising a family, I've been having to do a lot of soul searching lately.

I have always carried a lot of bitterness and anger in my heart. As much as I try to pretend like I don't, I do. These two things have been eating away at me, slowly, ever since I was a child.

I've tried to fight them, I've tried to diminish them, but they keep coming back. They always seem to rear their ugly heads at the most horrible times for me.

The past two weeks have been really hard on me. I've had the flu, I've been working on opening an Etsy shop, I've also had a ton of freelance work to do, and also my usual day-to-day activities. On top of all of this, while my body has physically felt so run down, the bitter and angry thoughts appeared.

Before I go any further, I should probably explain...

The bitterness and anger is mostly towards my childhood; primarily my dad. I don't really feel like going into full detail on all of that, for the sake of trying to not sound whiny, but it wasn't an ideal childhood.

I haven't spoken with my dad in over a year. He's never seen Little a, nor has he ever tried to. Yet, despite the fact that my husband and I have cut all ties with him, he always manages to find a way to stir up trouble within my family.

He's one of those types - the type that enjoys causing distress and madness in the lives of others.

Every time he stirs the pot, all of those old feelings resurface.

Basically, what I'm getting at with this, is that I need to change. Cutting ties with him isn't enough. I mean, yeah, I felt better at first, but that has faded. What I need to do now is release it all. Release the emotions and the pain and the hurt that he has caused. Then, I need to forgive him.

Forgiveness is sometimes thrown about as merely being a Christian concept, but I disagree. Forgiveness is necessary for Pagans, too. Forgiveness is essential if you want to live a happy life. I want to live, to breath, and to be happy.

I'm tired of carrying around all of this pain. It sickens me that the mere thought of my dad makes me turn inside out.

Even though forgiving him will never bring back a peaceful childhood for me, it will help me to live a peaceful adulthood.

I've been praying, a lot. I've been doing a great deal of altar work here lately. To be honest, working and talking with Persephone has been the only way I've managed to keep my sanity through all of this. She has, and continues, to help me through so much. And I am so very grateful.

I don't intend on ever having a relationship with my dad. In fact, I don't ever want to talk to him again. But I do need to forgive him.

I'm really sorry about me venting in this post. I guess what I'm needing is a place to let it all out. You guys have always been so supportive, so I hope y'all don't mind my venting. I also wanting to get this out as a form of confession - to help me realize that I do, indeed, have this problem.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading. Please pray for me as I work on getting through this.

Blessed be.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Reflections

This year has been a rollercoaster. I have gone through so much growing, changing, evolving, and learning that I really don't recognize the old me from January 2013 anymore.

Viking Man and I have had our marriage tested through financial burdens. We've had our marriage tested just from the sheer fact that we are young and constantly growing. We have had our marriage tested just from the change of adding another child to our family. And we have had our marriage tested through unemployment and job changes.

But you know what?

He and I are so strong now. No, really. Our marriage has never been better. All of the tests that we have gone through have just brought us that much closer together. I seriously love the man more than I ever thought possible. He's an amazing father, an amazing husband, an amazing all-around person, and truly my best friend.

I love him.

My religious views and spirituality have evolved this year. I began working more in depth with Persephone, and she has truly changed my life for the better. She, along with my husband and kids, have helped me to learn how to love myself - something I've never been able to do.

My husband and I also set about this year with making traditions on the sabbats and moon cycles. It's been fun! We've made some wonderful memories and really had fun celebrating the sabbats.

And of course, I gave birth to Little a this year. That little girl really brought me to life. Her pregnancy and birth taught me to trust my body, trust my instincts, and to not be afraid to go all primal and roar like a lion when needed.

Big A's birth lit the spark for my journey towards empowerment and Little a's became the roaring flame. I am so blessed to have been given the privilege to carry both little ones within my womb and to be called "mum" by them. They have both changed my life for the better.

This has really been a year of spiritual and personal growth. Without my family and the Goddess, I don't think I would have ever made it to the point I am at now. I am focused, I am driven, and more importantly... I've learned how to love.

Here are a few pictures to help sum up how 2013 has been for me:

I discovered that being pregnant while raising a toddler means you never sleep.
I discovered how to survive without a washer and dryer for an entire year.

I discovered that Littles are amazing at understanding what is going on around them. In this picture, Big A was talking to Little a while she was still in the womb. 
I discovered how to love my body, despite all of its extra curves, rolls, and stretch marks. From all of its imperfections came two amazing little ones.

I discovered that eating your placenta isn't really all that crazy.

Big A began sleeping on his own... sort of. Does sleeping under the family bed count?

I discovered babywearing and it has been a lifesaver!

I discovered that my calling in life is to be an herbalist and healer.

I discovered that if I wear my lucky socks, the Cowboys usually win. I forgot to wear them this past Sunday. :/

I discovered that I have an awesome son who loves to help out around the house. 

I discovered that my daughter makes some ridiculously cute faces when she's not happy.

I discovered veiling and it has really helped me in my spiritual journey. 
I discovered that I make ridiculously adorable children. Okay, I guess Viking Man helped a little. 

I discovered that my family is amazing, despite how hairy and loud some of them are. ;) This picture includes my brother and sister.

How has 2013 been for you?